Carol Bloomgarden

I bury poetry into my paintings and explore how the emotion of words and language can be experienced visually. Etched into layers of glass, words throw shadows you can read. Step back and view the painting or come close and read a tiny poem. My micrography grew from a passion for the scratch of finepoint pens and a family tree gone wild.




Poetic Art Micrography, 5851 Route 227, Trumansburg, NY 14886


From Ithaca, come up Route 96 North. About five miles past the hospital, you will see a green sign pointing to the left, saying "Perry City." Go left; five miles later, you will come to the Perry City intersection, the only stop sign on the road. Continue straight on Route 227. We are a mile and a half past the Perry City stop sign, on the right hand side of the road, in a white Cape Cod with a large, untidy flower garden and a greenhouse on the right. The studio is above the greenhouse.


In my own style of mixed media, I write in ink or etch poems into layers of glass, using written language as another visual medium along with ink, watercolor or glass. I was delighted to stumble upon on the term micrography- literally, “small writing”- long after (decades, actually) I had copied down an entire textbook chapter as my allowed 3” x 5” card-sized “cheat sheet” for a sixth grade Social Studies exam. Around 2003 I used my ability to write legibly (albeit nearly microscopically) to create a family tree in the form of a weeping willow… and I was hooked.

Apart from a stint at Rhode Island School of Design, workshops at The Ink Shop in Ithaca and art courses at Hofstra and Cornell, I am mostly self-taught. I have been a member of the Greater Ithaca Art Trail since 2004, and I have shown my work at various local venues as well as in Rochester and in Elmira. I now participate in several Northeast regional shows and plan to expand farther afield in the future (please see my website for my show schedule). Previously I’ve been a registered nurse, a Red Cross volunteer and a sound archivist at Cornell’s Laboratory of Ornithology, and I am an avid geocacher, potter, traveler, and animal lover, and use my wildly varied experiences as inspiration for my art.

My goal now as a full-time artist is to explore how the emotional feel of an image can be matched by artistic use of language (such as poetry) without being completely literal or representative. I map out an image that inspires me and then must find a text that matches the emotional feel of that image. I then use the image’s contours and shading as guides for the handwritten text – a process that may take several weeks to complete.

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