Mary Ann Bowman

I have discovered that my dear friends who keep telling me life is supposed to be fun are absolutely right. I love that this is showing up in my work more and more.




203 Pine Tree Road, Ithaca, NY 14850


Pine Tree Road connects Route 79 East where it is marked by a flashing yellow light, and Route 366 where there's a flashing red light and stop signs. We are approximately in the middle between Honness Lane and Snyder Hill Road on the east or uphill side of the road. The Art Trail sign should be clearly visible as well as the white rail fence and pumpkin colored house. My studio is up the driveway beyond the house and is clearly marked. Enter through the periwinkle blue door with the purple trim.


I was a potter for many years and then, one day, I decided to explore what else I could make with clay. Really, just one day, with my notebook and five pages of questions, by category, about my entire process and ways of thinking. As a result I sold all my pottery equipment and began making bowls and plates with molds and slabs - not too big a step- and then, one day, I made a small pugnacious dog rabbit. A very bold step to create a figure when they had been strictly forbidden in school!

That was a while ago. You should see the place now. My studio is filled with a cast of characters, some made of clay and some of a new love, stiffened fabric, all instilled with a joyful, sometimes mischievous spirit. They love to have visitors and we all have such a good time together.

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