Alice Gant

My cloth banners are like huge illustrations. I make them for public and private spaces.  This year, some are folding books full of birds, messages, opinions and favorite places. 




39 Whig St., Trumansburg, NY 14886


I use a technique of my own design called “neo-reverse applique”. After preliminary sketches, I draw plans for the banner on a full sheet of black fabric with white chalk, and then cut away the shapes to reveal patterned pieces of fabric which I have inserted underneath. I also applique and paint on the top layers of the fabric. Although the pieces are certainly fiber art, they also recall stained glass windows, because of the black lines left behind when cutting away the fabric. Because they are narrative and pictorial, they inhabit a world apart from traditional quilt craft practices. Most pieces take many months to complete.

Along with commissions and smaller works, I have a long-term project to make banners about influential and interesting individuals, some who perhaps deserve to be known better.  I sing their praises, and memorialize them in the Hero Banners. Among the heroes that have already been memorialized are St. Herman of Alaska, Mother Goose, Nathaniel Pitt Langford, and Queen Catharine of the Seneca.

I live in Trumansburg, New York with my husband, a parakeet and a lovely garden with birds and squirrels.  My studio is a bright yellow sunny room upstairs in my home, where I work on a vintage and durable Singer sewing machine.  I have thousands of fabric swatches and an encyclopedic memory for pattern, so that I can find the perfect pieces for my artwork.

I have been a printmaker, art teacher, mother and sculptor. I grew up in Minnesota and have lived in San Francisco, Seattle, and Anchorage, Alaska.

I am always busy with new work for shows and for private commissions. I also teach workshops occasionally to adults.  

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