Nari Mistry

Landscapes in bold colors express my vision of subjects that inspire me, among them the waterfalls and beautiful scenes around Ithaca. Some of my paintings are representational, most are expressive, some more abstract, some pure fantasy. Archival giclee prints and notecards of most of my paintings are available. Prices for my original paintings range from $200 to $500.




1159 Ellis Hollow Road, Ithaca, NY 14850


Our house is on Ellis Hollow Rd., on East Hill. From the Commons, head up State Street (Route 79 East) to Pine Tree Road. Turn left. When you get to the light (East Hill Plaza) turn right and go about 1.25 miles. The house is on the right, opposite Dodge Rd. Coming from the east, look for Dodge Road sign opposite our house. Look for the green ART TRAIL signs at our driveway!


I have lived and worked in Ithaca since 1964, for 39 years as a scientist in the Physics Department at Cornell and now, retired since 2003, I am active as a painter. I am catching up on all the painting and music that I missed in those busy years. Now I take my paints when I travel and have my eye open for subjects large and small everywhere. My paintings have been exhibited in most of Ithaca’s galleries and shows, and are in private collections from San Francisco to Savannah, GA and even in Australia.

A keen sense of observation has always inspired me to express my feelings and reactions to my surroundings through painting. Landscapes, realistic or abstract, make up most of my work. My paintings reflect my fascination with the theme of water in the natural landscape and I continue to paint a series of watercolors of the scenic beauty of Ithaca and surroundings. I try to use expressive bold colors to represent the subjects that inspire me. Some of my paintings are representational, most are expressive, some are more abstract, some are pure fantasy. I learned watercolor techniques through practice and observation, inspired especially by the watercolors of Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent and others. Oils and acrylics were learned more by trial & serendipity!

Although my painting has been mainly representational in an expressionist style, I also like doing more abstract work in acrylics, experimenting in brilliant translucent color fields using pure pigments. Commissions are welcome.

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