Graham Ottoson

It's a fine art, to enhance something that is delightful from the start. Visitors to Gourdlandia in EcoVillage will learn how lamps, vases, drums, piñatas, nightlights and more can be coaxed from gourds. Come enjoy the viney trellises, heavy with potential art, and see for yourself how truly "gourd-geous" Ithaca is.  If you'd like to try your hand at gourdcrafting, let me know!




Gourdlandia, 77 Rachel Carson Way, Ithaca, NY 14850


Open almost all the time, calling ahead is helpful.


Take route 79 west out of Ithaca, about two miles. EcoVillage is on Rachel Carson Way, the first left after West Haven Rd. Gourdlandia is the first building on the left, #77. Little cupola, big porch. Abundant parking nearby.


I was introduced to gourd-crafting by a fellow midwife several years ago. Having dabbled in everything from stained glass to paper maché, watercolor, gingerbread (serious gingerbread), and more, I was happy to find one medium that requires so many different skills. I enjoy the simple tasks of cleaning and scraping, staining and waxing, as much as designing and carving. I love my tiny 5 jigsaw (as big as a bar of soap!), and collection of rasps and drill bits. I love the teeny little baby gourds, all covered with delicate green fur. I love the moment when I turn a lamp on for the first time. It does appear that wonders will never cease.

I stopped catching babies several years ago, in part to make room for art. Now I'm embarking on a new adventure, as a full-time artist! I'd like to thank my husband Otto for building me an amazing studio. Otto really knows what it means to carry a passion.

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