Raven Barn Studio

Margaret Corbit and Wes Blauvelt

We have a shared enthusiasm for art and nature that has guided us through many years of marriage. In 2009, we wandered into to a realm of tiles, mirrors, and concrete. The Raven Barn studio allows us to take on every aspect of this work, from firing custom tiles to casting concrete, and whatever other technologies we decide to explore.

I will not be open on Open Studio Weekends.

(Note: This studio is one of three who are not open on Open Studio weekends. The three are Jon Reis, June Szabo and Raven Barn Studio)




Raven Barn, 137 Howland Road, Spencer, NY 14883
GPS address is 137 Howland Road


We are in the southeast corner of the Town of Danby. Take Rt 96B south out of Ithaca to South Danby Rd. Turn right on South Danby Rd. Drive 3.9 miles to Howland Rd (John Hill Howland according to Google) and turn left. Go over the hill and down to the next intersection. Raven Barn is on the left.


I am most interested on capturing the gestalt of a creature, a petal, or a moment in my graphic art. My two degrees from Cornell (Theater Arts, 1971 and Plant Ecology, 1995) give you some idea of my curvaceous career path. But there has always been a sketchbook in my backpack. I have taught fine arts in formal and informal classrooms from middle school through college and currently work on the 1st Street Mosaic community art project in Ithaca, along with Wes, Louisa Sandvik, Annemarie Zwack, Leslie Carrere and Carla Stetson. I have been working in ceramics for 6 years. In 2016, we also coordinated student/teacher entrance mosaic murals at Enfield and Caroline Elementary Schools.


With no formal art training, my art education has been informed by worldwide travel including visits to remote birding locations, historical archeological sites and outsider artist installations. My personal art interests are focused upon mosaics and during the past four years I have participated in the installation of urban art mosaics in Philadelphia under the direction of Isaiah Zagar. More recently, I have studied the tile making techniques employed by the Moravian Tile Works, the unique glass stacking and mirror substrate technique of mosaic artist Kelley Knickerbocker, and Japanese wood kiln firing. I hope to employ the skills learned from these artist as a continuing contributor to the 1st Street Mosaic Project and in independent work at the Raven Barn Studio.

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