Margaret Reed

My charcoal drawings are based on mythology. Dark and whimsical, they may give you pause but also a smile. See every stage from concept to framed piece.


607- 592-8679


610 Elm St. Extension, Ithaca, NY 14850


Elm Street and Elm Street Extension are on the west side of the Cayuga Lake Inlet on “West Hill”.
If coming from downtown Ithaca, head west as if you are going out Route 79West. As you go over the bridge over the inlet, take a left on Elm Street (the street that goes straight UP the hill). Elm Street turns into Elm Street Extension. My studio is across the street from Jenny Pope and Craig Mains' studio.


I've always known that I would be an artist. When I was little I would spend afternoons, sunny as well as rainy, with my grandmother painting and drawing. After graduating from Grand Valley State University in Michigan with a BFA (emphasis in illustration) I found my way to Ithaca. Here I continue to practice my art, blurring the line between fine and illustrative art. Although most of my images are based on specific stories in mythology, they depart from the strict narrative and become symbolic of the overall identity themes in the text. Recurring imagery throughout the pieces suggests connections to a larger story. The drawings appeal to our unconscious making them as much about the viewers themselves as the artist who created them.

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