Tony Serviente

Glass, coffee and jazz. I cut, bend, solder, fuse, deform, weave, etch and use whatever technique it takes to coax the glass into shape. Come see and touch.




Serviente Glass Studios, 201 E. Tompkins Street, Ithaca, NY 14850


Mon-Fri 9 to 5, Sat 11 to 5 (and Sundays on Open Studio Weekends.)


My studio is located on the corner of E. Tompkins Street and Utica Street. Tompkins is about seven blocks north of the Ithaca Commons.


I have always liked to be busy, and glass has been receptive to my caffeinated activities. My vitreous explorations began 27 years ago with stained glass. I built windows and lamps and taught classes of all ages and levels. In 1990 I spent a summer at the Pilchuck glass school and learned many new techniques, among them kiln and torch work, neon and glass blowing. I got back to my studio and immediately changed direction, focusing on the more arcane aspects of kiln forming. This continues to be my focus though I still teach, learn and maintain an active stained glass studio. My background as an electronics technician has contributed to the skills I need in this endeavor, including equipment fabrication, precise record keeping and an experimental approach to problem solving.

In my work, the creative spirit must have a friend in the scientific mind, so I am always trying to cultivate both. My designs are informed by my beliefs as a Quaker. I try to keep a sense of silence in the work while honoring the light that surrounds us all. I am inspired by the grand wonders of the cosmos as well as the pedestrian occurrences that fill my day.

When not in my studio I am spending time with my three kids and my wife, or playing up-tempo jazz on my alto saxophone. I am never bored.

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