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I create original, abstract compositions, working with commercial batiks, hand-dyed cottons, and original fabric painted with fiber-reactive dyes. I also use dupioni silk, decorative fibers and other painted surfaces in some of my work.  Most recently I have begun to explore the world of abstract acrylic painting. Regardless of the medium – fiber, mixed-media, or acrylic paint – my goal is to create vibrant and colorful abstract compositions that capture your attention and invite you in to take a closer look.

Working with fabric, fiber, and paint has been an exciting process of discovery!  Apart from occasional classes and workshops, I am largely self-taught. I am impulsive, impatient and indecisive.  But rather than viewing these qualities negatively, I have come to embrace them. I have found ways of working that convert these “liabilities” into assets.  I have discovered the joy in playing with color and composition, in experimenting with different materials, and in finding sources of inspiration all around me.  The common threads in much of my work (no pun intended!) are a fascination and passion for color, composition and collage; the sandwiching of layers via decorative stitching; and the excitement and challenge of working mostly improvisationally.

Before and during my artistic journey, I received a Ph.D. in sociology, raised two daughters, and worked as a writer, author, speaker, organizational leader, event planner and wedding officiant. (

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Studio Location Specifics

My home-based studio is surrounded by beautiful woods and is located in Danby, one mile off of 96B. This is my third year on the Greater Ithaca Art Trail.

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