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My art sense began way before 10 years of age as I was designing and creating barbie doll clothing. And through high school I sketched and sewed all my clothes using inspiration from the fashion of the day. In college I received a BA from SUNY Cortland ’75 with a minor in painting. I later went on to study fashion design at Cornell University which led to a job in the Cornell Theater Arts Costume Department teaching students sewing and creating elaborate costumes.

Currently I have been using my iPhone to photograph art in nature. I often photograph tiny vignettes that I see in a walk in the woods or by the lake. I can then print them or crop and zoom the photo until they become unrecognizable from the original photos. For instance a spot of rust when zoomed in can become a totally abstract image.

In my mixed media work I often enhance the colors and details by painting on the photo canvas directly, thus adding my vision to the photograph.

To help my clients visualize art for their home, I use a phone app to place that picture in a room or snapshot of their space. My art can then be printed according to the desired size.

I work and sell my jewelry, clothing and visual art at Fibers in the Dewitt Mall, Ithaca, NY. You will often find me with a lapful of beads or sitting at a sewing machine with an iPhone in my pocket

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