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In March of 2020, just before the pandemic took hold, Dennis Winge, a local Jazz guitar bandleader, and I started on SOLID.

My original songs are a narrative of my life, mostly, and my families’, as I’ve grown through relationships, parenting, loss, not moving — while in a pandemic. All these things and more come out in the music.

Dennis and I first collaborated on “Lucinda.” I wrote the song many years ago and had sung it to myself but never had music arranged for it. The first time Dennis and I met we had the song. It just seemed to fall together.

After sketching out 16 originals, over the months, over zoom, because of COVID, we thought it was time to get some other musicians involved. We held auditions on the lawn of Dennis’s Guitar Lessons Ithaca location in New Field and were joined in July by Joey Arcuri on bass and soon after by John Seeley on drums.

That first song, “Lucinda,” is about my feelings of inadequacy and doubt when having others watch my child while I worked. As a woman, a mother, a creative, thoughts of how thin we spread ourselves in our modern lives come to the fore in SOLID’s music.

This is a new project, but it has come together fast and continues to rock. Since the beginning of 2021 we have recorded and released a 4-song demo, 3 videos, and been interviewed on More Than Music podcast. We are excited for the future!

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