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Nature’s most fundamental forms and cycles of life have provided inspiration for my art. During the past few years, my focus has changed from landscape painting to abstract works using experimental techniques such as acrylic collage painting with layers of transparent inks and watercolors.

I have been interest in drawing and painting since I was child. When I was 14 my mother realized my strong interest in the arts and on my birthday she bought me a professional set of oil paints in a beautiful wooden box with all the essentials for creating paintings. From then on I spent much of my time learning how to use various art materials, all of which I loved. My favorite subject in school was art class! My interest grew and when I went to the University of Rochester I majored in Fine Arts and Philosophy and went on to earn certification to teach art in public school.

Whenever I could, between raising children and teaching art, I would go out into the beautiful natural areas around Ithaca and paint landscapes. I will always love painting landscapes even though in the past 10 years I have been experimenting with abstract painting. This happened because I decided to take an abstract collage workshop that was being offered where I was vacationing. Although I had not tried abstract painting before I found that I loved the freedom it gave me to experiment with new materials; to create imaginative abstract images just using line, form and color. Now I have broadened my approach and sometime I like to paint realistically and sometimes abstractly and even combine the two!

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