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My studio and working space are in an incredibly beautiful spot in the hills of Danby. Surrounded by gorgeous views that extend into 8000 acres of state forest, I gather insight and inspiration.  Within this idyllic setting are my gardens and home that my wife and I created and built by hand.  My artwork is an extension of the land where I walk and the soil I touch.

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Until 2019, I had been an art teacher in the Ithaca area for over 30 years. There I shared my knowledge of painting, drawing and ceramics with students while gaining wisdom and perspective from their passions and dedication.

My oil paintings are filled with contrasting colors and textures reminiscent of the details we see, whether looking at the multitudes of tones and textures in tree bark or the color variety on a patch of moss or a tree with fall foliage.  I bring those qualities to my finished ceramic pieces as well, finding textures in clay and experimenting with layers of glaze.  Each piece, whether an oil painting on canvas or pottery that has been fired at 2000 degrees is an individual to me, with its own identity and special markings.

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