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My Art is all things fiber, painting quilting, collage, clothing, etc. and I will have special demonstrations and displays for 2021. Find the purple door, up a flight of stairs to Second Story Studios Gallery and 5 Artist studios. Welcome Back!!

-Even when very young I was always making things, I have sewn since the fifth grade, ceramics for years, snow forts in the winter, gutter dams in the rain, cooking to earn money and favors from my brothers,…. I find myself looking back as having woven a life full of art making. By combining my passion for textiles and sewing with color & design and a entrepreneurial sense of adventure I supported myself and traveled all over this country, Europe. &Brazil.

Most of my output was one-of-a-kind functional art. Selling at the Art Craft Markets and boutiques around the country. I created and produced a collection of fabrics & products produced in Switzerland, established and ran a wearable art boutique on Cape Cod and taught textiles at Syracuse University. I enjoyed the challenge of bridging these many disciplines and am inspired by the links between art making and function.

Now having basically retired from producing product for my livelihood I have found joy and purpose in producing for fund raising and my own curiosity. It is a direct way for me to continue to participate in people’s lives and use the skills I have and materials I’ve collected in support of causes I believe in.

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