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I have lived in Ohio, Mississippi, Wisconsin and Tennessee. This is my 22nd year living in Dryden, New York. I’ve written poetry, participated in poetry groups and am published in various private and collegiate presses. I enjoyed attending Jungian dream analysis groups and trying to understand the symbolic language of dreams.

After years of corporate logistics work as an information management specialist, where I used my creative abilities to solve problems, I now use them to create fanciful, up-cycled treasures. I remember one of the popular corporate buzz phrases was “think outside the box”. I’m so far outside the box, I’ve spent most of my life figuring out what was in the box so I could fit in! Years before I retired, I knew I wanted to work with metal someday, but had no specific inspiration.

I bought some silver flatware at a garage sale. I made a simple fish and a teapot wind chime. I now create 20 different sea creatures as well as mobiles and chimes. I so enjoy saving my creation’s components from landfills and turning them into surprises that delight.

The basement studio in my home on Lake Road, Dryden is calm and quiet. While creating my mobiles and jewelry I burn incense while I listen to baroque, pop, opera, blues and alternative music and vary my repetitive work by dancing in between job operations!

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