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My Green Door Studio is nestled in the foothills just south of Ithaca beside a koi-filled pond with long valley views. After almost 50 years of working with the mineral kingdom I have learned to listen, both to the stones and to what the client has to say. Whenever possible I recycle their metal, gems and family diamonds weaving each element into a narrative, while utilizing sustainably-sourced materials. Co-creating a custom design brings the interface between light, shape, colored gems and the human form into tight focus. The Green Door Studio is also the gallery for my one-of-a-kind collections that are for sale.

Raised in Atlanta in a large Greek family, I was immersed as a child in art made by masters from every discipline. I spent endless hours wading through streams to collect glittering rocks. While a student at Emory University two creative mentors in the performing arts, Kelly and Leslie Morris, honed my visual perception. From them I learned cadence, proportion and visual intent on the stage of movement and dance. Creating fluid lines with colored gems and precious metals in jewelry flowed easily from that foundation. Trained as a choreographer and a dancer, I learned to use the human body as the vehicle for my art, the mineral kingdom as my palette.

As an artist, mother, wife and healer I have a range of expertise and experience that influences my work. My jewelry career has included commissions featured on the cover of Lapidary Journal, being a recipient of the Spectrum Award, running a successful art gallery voted “Best Of Atlanta” for purchasing jewelry, and a 40-year retrospective by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Atlanta.

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