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I’m drawn to the flaws in wood. Where the cracks lie is where I embrace. I love all the parts, not just the whole. It’s the wood that people don’t understand, the wood that people think is too old or too young or too ugly or too cracked or too marred or too unstable. The misfits. Every flaw tells a story, the wounds and the injuries. Wood is like us. I seek out my own flaws, my own mistakes, so I can keep learning.
I’ve been creating with wood for 20 years. In 2019 after recovering from an aggressive form of breast cancer, I walked away from the service industry to become a full-time woodworker. Lately, in addition to being inspired by the external wood, I have become inspired by the internal experience. Wood is like an anchor in an uncertain world.
My woodworking and art have always grown out of functional needs combined with my desire to be in motion. Each piece I create explores the natural lines and contours of the wood, allowing it to come alive with textures, lines, colors, and shadows.
I use sustainably harvested local wood and non-toxic finishes to make art and custom furniture for homes and businesses. You can see my work at Rasa Spa, Liquid State Brewing Company, and Hospicare.
Read a great article about Leah that appeared in Ithaca Week, an Ithaca College publication.

Studio Location Specifics:

My studio is off of Route 227 near the corner of Route 96. Once you turn onto Salo Drive, follow the creek and my studio is the first building on the left.

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