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Painting is a gratitude practice for me.  Who doesn’t feel the joy of nature’s beauty?  After many years as a potter and glass artist, I turned to painting during the pandemic.  I chose landscape because exploring the many mysteries of color and sky became a way to bond with my relatively new home in Ithaca.

Born in Boston, I have lived all of my adult life in upstate NY.  I have close ties to Vermont where the flaming colors and crystal clear air helps me find stillness within.  Although I work as a psychotherapist, I also practice art almost every day for some hours.  I see essential similarities in the two activities.  There is beauty in the person, too.

Currently I paint with water mixable oils.  I am exploring the medium — it is so different to work in 2 dimensions after shaping the clay I worked with for so long!  I anticipate that my painting journey will evolve dramatically as I have just begun

Studio Location Specifics:

My studio is located at 15 Oakcrest Road hidden by a tall cedar fence. On Art Trail event days you will see signs directing you through the fence to the studio at the back of the yard. Oakcrest Road runs between Triphammer and Cayuga Heights Road.

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