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I live and work in a turn of the century bungalow halfway between Ithaca and Trumansburg. Both inside and out are scattered numerous glass works in various states of condition. From the brilliance of the recently completed to disintegration through weather and time, each encounter conjures an array of emotions, questions and wonder.

Along with my glass art, I’ve also added drawings and paintings to my repertoire. The images on this page are all drawings.

As a glass artist I have spent the past twenty years examining and experimenting with the dynamics between glass, light and line. A surprising alchemic transmutation occurs as light passes through glass. Almost magically, the glass image rises from the common to the spectacular as it is transformed by light from a flat, dark object to a multidimensional, wildly textured and colorful substance.

My challenge is to create artwork that harnesses and accentuates this interplay and to provide a window into the infinite variability and clarity of the glass itself.

Paramount in this process, along with light and fine antique glass, is the construction of line. While providing structure to the glass, line also serves as a vital visual element as it subdues, deflects and patterns the light through the piece.

Satisfaction is gained only when my intuitively shaped ideas become, through line, a construct that allows the glass a unique and comprehensive exhibit of its intrinsic qualities and innate beauty.

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