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I paint and draw abstract and surrealist forms and scenes. I am inspired by organic shapes and textures found in nature and the human body, as well as shapes and colors found in cartoon-like forms.

I aim to create elaborate compositions that convey conflicting themes of humor and seriousness while evoking feelings of abjection in a comical manner. I embrace the reality that many situations do not have a concrete conclusion and illustrate the confusing nature of problem solving through my creation process.

My paintings and drawings are created through repetitive and automatic processes and I work on many different pieces at a time. I enjoy working in 2D mediums as a way to provide a window to a reality that resembles our 3D space while following a system of physical rules that deviate from the expected. I invite viewers to consider how certain colors, shapes and textures affect their emotional and physical state and contemplate how their personal experiences have influenced these notions.

I returned to the Finger lakes region last year after spending the last decade living in New York City and Germany. I received my BFA in studio art from New York University in 2016 where I focused my studies on new media arts, including video, performance, photo, and sound. I began concentrating on painting in 2017, and developed my practice further with the onset of the pandemic in 2020. I am excited to live here once again and have more space to develop my practice.

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