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You’re invited to visit my farmhouse and studio. Please touch the ceramics that are meant to be used and loved. Peruse my newest works in ceramics, sculpture, and abstracted paintings.

Porcelain is persnickety and that is exactly why I love it. It is both strong and delicate, and it does what it wants not always exactly what I had in mind. I appreciate a clay body with views. My clay practice is a conversation and a collaboration with my materials. I hand build with porcelain exclusively. I’m interested in the idea of people as part of the natural world and how we move and change each other. In my collections I explore the way handmade products create touchstones in our lives. As an artist and wedding planner, my pieces are often used in weddings and milestone events. I strive to create work that reflects connections to those moments and rituals. My work is irregular, elegant, and organic.

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